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Cargo care

In conjunction with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Hong Kong branch has organised a one-day seminar on different aspects of cargo care, due to be held at the university on 8 October. We have enlisted the assistance of 10 speakers to give presentations.

At the branch's first committee meeting of the season, the following were elected to serve: Eric Edmondson, chairman; Rhod McNeill, secretary., Pervez Umrigar, treasurer; Duncan Telfer, membership; Harry Hirst, events; John Wilson, group liaison; Luca Ferrerio, auditor; Mike Wall, lunches and newsletter; and Alan Loynd, Andrew Moore, Arthur Bowring, Detlef Nielsen, Petty Leung and Yvette Chan.

A number of suggestions for visits were made, including to the B777 and B747 simulators at Hong Kong International Airport; and these will be followed up in due course.

We are grateful to Detlef Nielsen for the following:

Maersk Hong Kong Limited recently launched its first summer internship scheme, offering pre-vocational training for promising undergraduates of the Hong Kong Polytechnic Technical University's department of maritime studies. Two undergraduates started their internship in June. The scheme includes a familiarisation session, visit to a Maersk vessel and a performance report on each internee. It complements five existing training programmes of which one, known as MISE, consists of . a two year international training course coordinated by Maersk headquarters in Copenhagen and which offers practical training through a three job rotation and four two-week training modules at the Maersk Shipping Academy in Denmark. This year, Maersk Hong Kong intends to nominate six candidates for the MISE scheme.

Plans are underway for a new postgraduate degree (Msc in international shipping and logistics) to be offered by the department of maritime studies at the polytechnic university.

Contributed by Mike Wall, Companion
Seaways October 1999
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