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Hong Kong

A new Branch in Hong Kong
   WE WELCOME the New Year with more good news. A branch of the Institute has been formed in Hong Kong. In a letter Captain G. R. Hughes, President, wrote to Captain G. A. Marchant, FM, as follows:

   Council was very pleased to receive details of the inaugural meeting on 27 November and formally approves the establishment of a new branch in Hong Kong.

   I welcome this initiative because the Institute has no less than 160 members living in the area. We will seek to give you and your colleagues all the support we can and I take this opportunity to wish the new venture every success.

   The provisional branch committee officers are: Captain G. A. Marchant, FNI, Chairman; Captain N. J. Lopez, MNI, Secretary; Captain N. Lane, MNI, Treasurer; and Mr R. Kent, Companion, public relations. The first formal meeting is to take place in January and Captain Lopez's address now appears in the Branch Almanac.

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