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The Branch held its Annual General Meeting in June 2009. All those committee members who stepped down were promptly re-elected, so the 2009-2010 officers and committee are:

Marso Law, David Watkins, Graham Cowling, RhodMcNeill, Eric Edmondson, Alan Loynd, Harry Hirst and Matthew Fenton, with Stephanie Koo, John Wilson, Yvette Chan, Arthur Bowring, Luca Ferrerio, Robert Herman, Petty Leung, Thomas Yeung and Pradeep Chawla.

The Chairman, Marso Law, Vice Chairman, Dave Watkins, and Treasurer, Graham Cowling, are all to continue in their positions. The only office-bearer to step down was the long-standing secretary Rhod McNeill.

Rob Herman has been elected to take over as Secretary.In his annual summary Marso Law, summarised the many activities in what has been a very busy year. These included hosting the final seminar of the Command Seminar series, interesting presentations by Captain Fukuo Yoshitaka and Captain Harry Hirst, and successful visits to Wang Lan Lighthouse and the Ma Liu Shui Marine Police Base.

In his annual report, the Treasurer Graham Cowling, gave details of the branch finances. Although its total assets were marginally from last year, the branch has no current liabilities, and the Command Seminar which had been expected to only break even, had managed to turn a small but respectable profit, so the Institute has been hable to maintains frequent functions and its charitable donations.

Captain Rob Herman MNI

Seaways August 2009
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