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Thanks to Captain Rob Herman Member, Hong Kong SAR China Branch, for the  following: “Captain Rhoderick McNeill Fellow, who has just stepped down as Honorary Secretary of The Nautical Institute's Hong Kong SAR branch, has the distinction of being the longest-serving (and some would say the most long-suffering) Secretary the Branch has had in its 25 years of existence. He was Secretary from 1998 until 2002, and again from 2006 until 2009, a total of nine years' hard labour. That is only his service as Secretary – we have lost count of the years he has been a committee member, and even now that he has stepped down as Secretary he remains on the committee. During the period he served as Secretary, Rhod has managed to carry out his secretarial duties impeccably, despite an ever-increasing workload in his 'real' job, where he has had to maintain a presence in both  Japan and  Hong Kong, while carrying out vessel surveys all over the region. The Hong Kong Branch owes him a major debt of gratitude.'And to introduce myself as incoming Secretary: I am a freelance cargo superintendent and surveyor; a long-term  Hong Kong resident, with over 40 years in the territory, but a relative new comer to the Institute.” Welcome Rob
Seaways August 2009
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