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how to control stress

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"How to handle the stress related to work pressure and loneliness at sea”

Talk given to MSTI Cadets on 19 September 2017

1.  Who are you?
2.  What are you looking for?
3.  Where to get it?
5.  Lao Tsu :   Leader must be a Follower first.
6.  Lao Tsu:    Water gathers in Valleys, not on peaks
7.  Middle Path
8.  Meditate
9.  Presence of Mind… not allow thoughts to stray in the past of future….PRESENT (Gift!)
10.                   Exercise
11.                   Diet
12.                   Buddha (or Christian or whatever) chants
13.                   TEAM SPIRIT
14.                   Hobbies
15.                   ALERT    AWARE   CARING!
16.                   ADAPT : ongoing : Involves Mental and       Physical effort.
17.                   Situational Awareness  - info overload, multi tasking
18.                   Socialise
19.                   Communicate
20.                   Ship Handling
21.                   Mentoring (up and down)
22.                   What is going to be your most important job on the ship?
23.                   Train yourself….ask questions, do not hesitate to learn from juniors and ratings
24.                   Question Everything
25.                   Cause of most accidents- Human Error :: not lack of competence but bad decision
26.                   Fatigue Overload
27.                   What is expected of you?
28.                   Circadian Rhythm (internal and external)
29.                   TO ERR IS HUMAN – but you are a sailor, not human
30.                   Sea Sickness
31.                   Mental Visualisation before acting

1.    IMO
2.    ILO
3.    STCW
4.    ISM Code
5.    ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code)
6.    MSM
7.    MLC
8.    CMID (Common Marine Inspection Document)
9.    OVID (Offshore Vessel Inspection Database)
10.          SIRE   (Ship Inspection Report Exchange)
11.          OCIMF (Oil Companies International Marine Forum)
12.          FSC
13.          PSC
14.          SEC
15.          SRC
16.          Piracy
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