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christmas drinks 2015

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The Hong Kong branch organised a convivial evening at the Canny Man bar to celebrate the festive season. The cash bar was kept busy, and even more so when Irwin Marine kindly announced an impromptu sponsorship of part of the event. We are most grateful for their support.
Highlight of the evening was a presentation to Harry Hirst FNI, who will be relocating to Singapore in the near future. Harry has been a committee member for more than 20 years and is a past Chairman of the branch, as well as a popular speaker. He still holds the record for attendance at one of our evening talks, when 95 people gathered to hear him speak on the knotty problem of narrow channels in the aftermath of the Neftegaz-67 court case.
He was presented with a plaque from the branch, recording our gratitude for his years of service. Fortunately, he will be returning to Hong Kong from time to time, so we have not seen the last of him.

Writing after the event to thank members of the branch, Harry Hirst said “My little acceptance speech, whilst designed to raise a laugh, also reflected what I have treasured most about the NI: its integrity and honesty.....bluntness and honesty are not, in fact, weaknesses at all but one of our greatest strengths.”


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