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The nautical instituteHong Kong branch is going to join the dragon boat racing held by marine department at the Government dockyard on 28 May 2011. The contest has always been one of the gathering of the shipping
Industry locally and internationally, with teams from different shipping companies, marine police, customs, local ferries, all other learning societies and etc.

In order to win some trophies, eight of us joined the practice section with the pilots team at Aberdeen last Saturday. It was a great and rewarding practice. After sixty minutes practice, all of us have a great pulls, we could even feel the boat surging ahead likes professionals. Although, we came to the second when racing with the pilots. We have the confident to win on 28 may.

Boys and girls, please come and join the practice section at theOcean Court ataberdeen at 0900hrs the Saturday morning. It will be fun and amazing! You may call Marso Law for details, his mobile no. 9427 8438.

See you there!

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