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More than 30 members and guests gathered at the Mariners Club
on 31st March 2011
to bid farewell to Revd. Peter Ellis, Senior Chaplain,
who has spent a total of more than 20 years in the Territory.

Peter spoke about his life in the Mission, about the many changes he has
seen, some of the colourful characters he met along the way, and the
pressures which face the modern mariner.
He stressed a particular concern about piracy and criminalisation,
and the low regard in which seafarers are
held, despite the excellent job they do.

His respect and liking for seafarers was clear, which probably explains why
he is held in such high regard by everyone in the industry, and his talk was
serious and humorous in equal measure.

At the end of his talk, branch Chairman Petty Leung thanked Peter for his
many years of service to the Hong Kong shipping community and presented him
with a branch plaque, a book of drawings of Hong Kong (signed by all those
present) and a model of a Star Ferry to remind him of his years here.

All of us wish Peter and Judi a long and happy retirement, and thank them
for their magnificent support to the industry over the years.


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