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The Swedish  Ship  Gotheborg

   On a sunny Sunday morning on the 3rd of December 2006, a group of 20 members and guests of the Hong Kong branch of the Nautical Institute visited the Swedish Ship Gotheborg.

The original East Indiaman Gotheborg was built in 1738 at Terra Nova ship yard in Stockholm


                                   40,9 metres
Total length including bowsprit    
58,5 metres
Beam                                        11 metres
Sail area                                   
1,964 square metres
Draugth                                    Stern: 5.25 metres & bow: 4,75 metres
Fully 292 tonnes
Displacement (weight of ship and load)   
1150 tonnes
Average speed                       
5-6 knots, with a max. engine speed of 8 knots
About 80 people onboard, 20 crew, 50 trainees and 10 places for scientists, journalists etc.
unkering                                Food for 80 people for 60 days and aditional reserv for30 days
Navigation equipment             
GPS, electronic nautical chart, radar, gyro-compass and Satcom B
2 X Volvo Penta TAMD 163A (16 liter) à 405 kW = total effekt på 1 100 hästkrafter
2 X TAMD 103 (10 liter) à 180 kW
1 X TAMD 74 (7 liter) à 90 kW

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