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Director Marine, President of the Nautical Institute and Distinguished guests,

Good Morning.  
Welcome to Hong Kong and the International Conference of the Nautical Institute on Ship maneuvering.  
That would have been the extent of my welcome, if our moderator of the day, Alan had his way.  Mindful of your busy schedules and a packed schedule for today, he had asked me to keep my welcome address, brief,…. very brief.  This would set a template for the rest of the speakers to follow, however I felt this would make the welcome a bit too brief and provide too much to ask from the other speakers.  
So with my apologies to the moderator, here goes.

Hong Kong has always had a vibrant Maritime Community and a rich Marine heritage.  The harbor has always been the life blood of Hong Kong and the maritime community the heart, which keeps the lifeblood circulating.  The Nautical Institute with its knowledge dissemination and competency enhancement is like the nerve center which assists in keeping the heart, the maritime community running more efficiently.
It is therefore with great pleasure that I welcome all the speakers and delegates to the International conference of the Nautical Institute on ship handling, being held at this wonderful venue at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club with stunning views of the Hong Kong Harbour.
I now hand over the podium to Capt. Nick Nash, Chartered Master Mariner and President of the Nautical Institute.
Thank you

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