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I am delighted to bid you welcome to the Nautical Institute Hong Kong Branch third biennial seminar.

Among the aims of the Nautical Institute are the promotion of the highest professional standards and the discussion and promulgation of issues of interest to the maritime community. With this seminar, I believe we have achieved those aims!

The topic of security has become central to the way all of us conduct our business, both ashore and afloat, and we have an array of speakers today who are all experts in their respective subjects. We are most grateful to them for giving of their time and expertise to make the day such an interesting and important one.

I must also thank our sponsors, whose generous support allows us to hold a high quality seminar at a very affordable price, and in such a magnificent venue.

I believe you will find this to be a fascinating and informative day, and I am honoured to welcome you all on behalf of the Branch committee.

Capt. Alan Loynd FNI
Chairman, Nautical Institute Hong Kong Branch

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