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Mr. Edward Stokes
Hong Kong Conservation Photography Foundation
Edward Stokes — photographer, author and conservationist — was born in
Australia in 1948. He grew up in Hong Kong, and returned to live here in 1993.
Edward Stokes is the author of ‘Hong Kong’s Wild Places’, an acclaimed
account of the interplay between “man and nature” in Hong Kong, published in
1995. The book’s Chinese translation, ‘Shan Shui Yau Ching’, was published in
April 2000 by the Hong Kong Conservation Photography Foundation. ‘Across
Hong Kong Island’ was published by the Foundation in 1998. ‘Exploring Hong
Kong’s Countryside’, a hiking companion, was published by the Hong Kong
Tourist Association in 1999, with English, Chinese and Japanese editions. Edward
is now completing a book on Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden. He is developing
a book based on remarkable 1946 Hong Kong photos, held by the Harvard-
Yenching Library.
In 1997 Edward established the Hong Kong Conservation Foundation. A
non-profit body, the Foundation promotes conservation and environmental quality,
and acts to influence public opinion and government policy. To achieve this, the
Foundation originates and publishes books and enviromnental reports. The
Foundation works in partnership with business sponsors.
At the start of 2001, the renamed Hong Kong Conservation Photography
Foundation launched an ambitious three-year strategy — involving books,
environmental reports and advocacy work. Eventually, the Foundation expects to
employ a staff of three and later five, directed by Edward Stokes.
Edward Stokes studied political science at Oxford. He then taught for ten
years in England and Australia. He has been an independent photographer and
author since 1984. His six Australian books received numerous grants and awards.
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