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Ms. Christine Loh
Chief Executive Officer
Civic Exchange

Christine Loh is the founder and CEO of Civic Exchange, an independent,
non-profit public policy think tank. Ms. Loh has an English law degree and a
Master of Laws degree in Chinese and Comparative Law. She spent 14 years in
the commercial world, having held top regional posts in a US multinational
company in commodities trading, and subsequently in strategic management for
a Hong Kong company.
She was appointed to the Hong Kong Legislative Council in 1995, and
then ran two successful elections in 1995 and 1998. She has anchored public
affairs radio shows, and writes extensively in academic as well as general
publications on a variety of subjects. She serves on the boards of a number of
local and international non-profit organizations.
She is well known for her work on environmental protection, equal
opportunity, and democratic reform. Her background in law, business, politics
and media has helped her to be a leading voice on public policy in Hong Kong.
In her private life, she is an art collector, video filmmaker and writer.
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