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This collection of our seminar papers would not have been possible without
the cooperation of the speakers, who made copies available on time, and gave us
every assistance. They are all leaders in their respective fields, and we are
extremely grateful to them for their support. Such is their stature, and the quality of
their papers, that we felt it was necessary to collect their words and present them to
delegates in a more permanent form.
The seminar itself would not have come into being without the efforts of my
fellow organisers, who were:
Petty Leung
Yvette Chan
B B Rao
and Harry Hirst
They worked long and hard to make the seminar a reality, and its success is
largely a result of their efforts.
We have included some excellent photographs, courtesy of the Hong Kong
Conservation Photography Foundation, Marine Department and the Hong Kong
Tourism Board. If anyone ever needs outstanding photographs of Hong Kong, they
will find the staff of our Tourism Board to be remarkably helpfiil.
Our intention was to provide a first class seminar in an excellent location, at
a price which everyone in the industry could afford even in these difficult economic
times. To do this we needed sponsorship, and the response to our appeal was quite
magnificent. Our heartfelt thanks go to: -

Andrew Moore & Associates
Carmichael & Clarke Co. Ltd.
Clarkson Asia Limited
Clyde & Co., Solicitors
COSCO (HK) Shipping Co. Ltd.
HUD Group
Ince & Co., Solicitors
Johnson, Stokes & Master
Lu.k’s Tailor Works
Pacific Basin Agencies
Tai Chong Cheang Steamship Co. (HK) Ltd.
The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (HK Branch)
Unique Shipping (HK) Ltd.
Unitor Hong Kong
Wallem Ship Management
WNI Oceanroutes Hong Kong

Finally, the person who worked hardest and longest to ensure the success of
the seminar and the production of this book is my secretary, Michelle Liu, who has
my sincere thanks.

Alan Loynd FNI
Seminar Coordinator

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