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Cocktail Party Sponsor:                   Clarkson Asia Ltd., Hong Kong
Corporate Sponsors:                       Andrew Moore & Associates
                                                    Carmichael & Clarke Co. Ltd.
                                                    Clyde & Co., Solicitors
                                                    Cosco (HK) Shipping Co., Ltd.
                                                    Ince & Co., Solicitors
                                                    Johnson Stokes & Master
                                                    Pacific Basin Agencies
                                                    Tai Chong Cheang Steamship Co. (HK) Ltd.
                                                    The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers(HK Branch)
                                                    Unique Shipping (HK) Ltd.
                                                    Unitor Hong Kong
                                                    Wallem Ship Management
                                                    WNI Oceanroutes Hong Kong

Printing and Binding Sponsor:           HUD Group Ltd.

Name Badge Sponsor:                     Luk's Tailor Works
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