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   The port of Hong Kong is unique. This is a seaport, first and foremost, which is host to more maritime services, operations and infrastructure than most maritime nations.

   Within this volume of keynote addresses the Nautical Institute presents a broad brush approach that touches on just a few of the marine sectors that are associated with the port of Hong Kong.

   The authors of the excellent papers are amongst the most experienced, respected and eloquent individuals in their field. The Nautical Institute extends a very warm thankyou to all of them for taking the time to prepare the enclosed documents and for their generosity in sharing their knowledge with the attendees of today's seminar.

   The topics are as varied and ranging as the industry is specialised. Subjects covered include the work of the Hong Kong Marine Department, the origins of Hong Kong as an international seaport, the fiscal platform of Hong Kong, the world class container ports of Hong Kong, navigational and safety matters, the ship management centre of Hong Kong, the environmental development of Hong Kong, the viewpoint from the bankers and brokers together with an overview of the many legal matters that Hong Kong can deal with.

   It is hoped that participants and attendees of today's seminar will find occasion in the future to refer to this as a source of information and to pass amongst colleagues and others when appropriate.

   Amongst the objectives of the Nautical Institute are the promotion and coordination of international maritime matters together with the promotion and establishment of high professional standards. There is no doubt that this has been achieved with this particular event.

 Capt. Duncan M. Telfer F.N.I.
 Nautical Institute, Hong Kong.

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