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Welcome Remarks

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Nautical Institute Seminar 2013
Marine Spatial Planning

Welcome Remarks
Capt. Luca Ferrerio FNI  Hon. Chairman

I am delighted to welcome you to the Nautical Institute
Kong Branch biennial seminar on Marine Spatial Planning.
This subject will become an increasingly important issue for the
shipping sector over the next few years.
Maritime professionals need to engage with others users of
ocean space from both a seagoing and shore perspective, and
to take part in international, regional and local MSP debates, to
ensure that the needs of all sectors are taken into full

The authors of the excellent papers are amongst the most
experienced, respected and eloquent individuals in their field.
The Nautical Institute extends a very warm thank you to all of
them for taking the time to join us today and for their generosity
in sharing their knowledge with us.

It is hoped that participants of today's seminar will find it to be a
useful source of information which they can share with their
colleagues and use as a basis for discussion within the industry.
Amongst the objectives of the Nautical Institute are the
promotion and coordination of international maritime knowledge,
and the promotion and establishment of high professional
standards. There is no doubt that this event will contribute to
those objectives.

I must also thank our sponsors, whose generous support allows
us to hold a high quality seminar at a very affordable price, and
in such a magnificent venue.

I believe you will find this to be a interesting and informative
day, and I am honored to welcome you all on behalf of the
Hong Kong Branch committee.
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