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Chairman Annual Report

Ladies & Gentlemen, it has been another eventful year for the Branch.  For the past 12 months, we have been concerning ourselves with heated issues of the industry, updating our knowledge, participating in China Maritime Week, involving with the HK shipping community and yet still managed to have some fun.

Our presentations were popular with our members and guests.  We learned from Dr. Richard Colwill of BMW
the use of marine simulation in casualty investigation.  Dr. John Allum and his colleagues of Hannaford Forensic Services presented us their insights on cargo carriage, pre and pro incidents of concerns such as liquefaction, heat, explosion etc.  Mike O'Brian of AWT stirred some interest in the use of North Sea Routes while climatic change may offer a window of opportunity.  Capt. Sanjiv Sehgal of Vanguard Q&S Inspection highlighted the challenges of the Maritime Labour Convention just when the industry has to meet compliance soon.

We have not one but two seminars, a full-day seminar, "To the Future", held in Oct 2011 and a half-day "Challenges of Electronic Navigation" seminar held as one of the events, in addition to participating in the exhibition in the China Maritime Week in Mar 2012.

Alan Loynd and the organising committee has excelled in attracting distinguished maritime professionals from Australia, Singapore, US as well as Capt. Robinson of NI as our speakers and a record number of overseas participants from Singapore, Shanghai and even as far as Norway.  The speakers presented and challenged views from different aspects on the outlook of HK & safe pilotage, on managing risks with ever larger vessels and how computer modeling gives new insights, on security issues concerning the HK Marine Police, Criminalisation and collecting electronic evidence, last but not least, the angles from mariners and shipowners.

We have Capt. Chawla, Vikrant and the Anglo-Eastern team to thank for the China Maritime Week seminar.  Not only was it organised in a very short lead time but again secured excellent speakers who gave us their first-hand experience, in implementation, technical knowhow, training and usage.  Our thanks to Capt. Bhargava of Chellaram, Capt. Sanjeev Mathur for George Arts of Marine Press of Canada, Capt. Bhupesh Gandhi of MARIS, Nigel Cleave of Videotel Marine and Capt. Sriram Rajagopal of Anglo Eastern.

Some of our events require some physical exercises too.  Our members enjoyed a fine day out on a junk provided and captained by Captain Robert Herman trip and the Marine Department Lighthouse Unit gave us an excellent guide for Green Island Lighthouse.  Recently we have competed "enthusiastically" in the Dragon Boat festival hosted by the Director of Marine.  We are probably the team that have improved most, compared with the zig-zag cruise last year!  Our Colour Boat manned by all lady cadets and students also stirred some sensation.

We were also actively involved in the shipping community.  Alongside various organisations and professional bodies, we have been participating on the inauguration and meetings of the HK Maritime Forum that would hopefully be a force behind shaping the future of our profession.  Our continuous involvement, notably Marso, in the MPPF, Maritime Professional Promotion Federation, continue to attract young people to take up sea-going career and to establish confidence of shipowners and shipmangers in giving these young people an opportunity.  Today we have success examples here among us.

The Branch has showed our support by giving sponsorship to two MSTI students, Ms. Choi Hoi Yan and Mr. Chan Tim Lok, in assisting them in their persue of the sea-going career.  Ms. Choi and Mr. Chan has been keeping us up-to-date with their effort.  There is a "Logbook" section in our Branch website that Luca has so ably and efficiently maintained.

I must also mention that two of our Branch's active members received their Nautical Institute fellowship this year.  Capt. Deepak Honawar's years of contribution and Marso's outstanding work on promoting the maritime profession and nurturing young cadets well deserve the honour.

Lastly, it has been a memorable 2 years for me personally.  My sincere thanks go to all the Committee members, active members and supporters.

Petty F.Y.Leung MNI

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