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Capt. Marso Law MNI
Chairman Hong Kong Branch
Roger Tupper JP FNI
Director of Marine
Senior Captain Hu Gang Feng
PLA Navy, Deputy Director of Naval
Bureau, Operations Department of General Staff Headquarters
Commodore Timothy Lowe, Royal Navy,
Deputy Commander
Combined Maritime Forces
Mr. Simon Church
Industry Liaison Officer
Superintendent Lawrence Wong
Hong Kong Police
Head of Criminal Organization
& Violent Crime Unit Drugs and Criminal Organi-zations
Sub directorate Interpol General Secretariat
Mr. Jon Davies
Maersk Training Center
Mr. Benson Chiu
Richards Hogg Lindley
Commander Liang Wei, PLA Navy
Deputy Chief of Operations,
South Fleet of PLA Navy
Mr. Harry Hirst FNI
Ince & Co.
Mr. John Martin
P&I - Gard

Mr. Kenneth Koo
Deputy Chairman
Hong Kong Shipowners Association
Rev. Stephen Miller
The Mission to Seafarers
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