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1st April 2019
1. Objects
The activities of the Nautical Institute Hong Kong Branch reflect and support the objects of the International Nautical Institute, namely: to promote and coordinate in the public interest the development of nautical science and to encourage and promote high standards of qualification, competence and knowledge among those in control of sea-going craft.  The Branch further seeks to develop interest throughout, and share expertise across the wider maritime community in the region.  
2. Conduct of the Branch Activities
The Branch activities shall be conducted within the Branch Bye-Laws of the Nautical Institute’s Constitution.
3. Membership
Membership of the Branch shall be open to any member of the Nautical Institute of any grade, resident in the region. Members may change or cancel their affiliation to a Branch by notice in writing to the Branch Secretary who will transmit such information to the Institute Headquarters (HQ).
Members informing HQ of a change of address or a move from one branch area to another, will have their details forwarded to the relevant branch Secretaries by HQ.
All sea-going members are welcome to attend any Branch meeting anywhere.
4. Officers and Committee
4.1 Composition of the Committee
The business of the Branch shall be managed by a Branch Committee elected by the Branch members and shall consist of the following Officers:
- Chairman
- Vice-chairman
- Secretary
- Treasurer
In addition to the above Officers and members of Council, the Branch Committee shall consist of up to sixteen elected members.
4.2 Election and retirement of Branch Officers and Committee
Election of Branch Officers and Committee shall be done as per the Nautical Institute By laws.
4.3 Quorum
Four members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum.
4.4 Representation on Council
Any properly constituted Branch which does not have at least one member of the Committee on Council may send a representative to observe Council meetings and give a report from the Branch, but such representative shall not be entitled to vote.
5. Branch Meetings
5.1 Branch Meetings shall be held at such times and places as may be decided upon by the Committee at the start of each season.
5.2 The Branch AGM shall be held at intervals not exceeding 15 months as per the Nautical Institute By Laws, At the AGM, the Chairman will present a report of the Branch activities in the foregoing period, together with any other business of which appropriate notice has been given. The Treasurer will present a financial report.
The appointment of Officers and members of the Committee to fill the vacancies shall, if more are nominated than there are vacancies, be decided during the course of the Branch AGM.
5.3 The newly elected and non-retiring members of the Committee shall take office at the conclusion of the AGM.
6. Programme of Events
Prior to the start of each season, the Branch Committee shall plan the programme of lectures, talks, visits and social events. The programme will be promulgated to all Branch members and updated as and when flet required.
A report of activities shall be forwarded to HQ/SEAWAYS.
Joint meetings with RINA, IMarEst, ICS, and other organizations with similar professional, historical and social interest are encouraged and could form part of the programme each season.
The Branch will endeavour to run a professional seminar every two years, for which purpose a sub-committee will be appointed in order to plan, execute, administer and account the seminar as necessary.
7. Members Contact Details
The Branch Secretary should receive quarterly notification from HQ of the contact details of new members in their region and also any additions or deletions from the Regional Membership List.
8. Finance
The Treasurer shall ensure that suitable records and books are kept of the finances of the Branch administration.  He/She shall ensure that an adequate balance is maintained at all times to provide for the planned programme of Branch.
The financial activities of the Branch shall be recorded to show that income and expenditure are properly accounted for. One or more Bank accounts shall be opened in the name of the Branch and three officers shall be authorised to sign cheques and draw upon the account(s), provided that any cheque must contain at least two signatures of such authorised signatories.
9. Social Media
The Branch may, at the discretion of the Branch Committee, provide and maintain a website or other social media presence whose form and content are congruent with the aims and objectives of the nautical institute as a whole, but which would provide local information for Branch members.
To the greatest extent practicable, communications with members will be by email for speed and expediency.  It is the individual member’s responsibility to ensure that the Secretary is supplied with valid and current contact details.
10. Alteration of the Branch Constitution
Alterations to this Constitution must receive the assent of not less than two thirds of the members of the Branch Committee present and voting at an AGM. A Resolution for the alteration of the Constitution must be received by the Secretary at least 28 days before the meeting at which the Resolution is brought forward.

Branch Committee
Nominations for branch officers and committee members
Election of Branch Officers and Committee members will take place at the AGM on ………………………………., at …………………………………, starting at 1830.
The committee is keen to welcome new members, particularly sea-going members, to serve on the committee as Officers or members, in order to bring fresh input and up-to-date information to the Branch activities.
Would Members wishing to nominate fellow Members to serve on the Branch Committee please complete the details below and return the completed forms to the Secretary not later than [not less than two weeks prior to date of AGM].
Name of Member being nominated ……………………………………………………….
In what capacity (please specify)    Chairman
                                                      Vice Chair                                                          
                                                        Committee Member
Signature of nominee agreeing to serve ……………………………………………..
Proposed by                                            ……………………………………………..
Seconded by                                           ……………………………………………...
Please return nomination forms to the below address:
Hon. Secretary
Nautical Institute Hong Kong
[Secretaries’ contact address details]
Postal Address:

The Nautical Institute Hong Kong Branch
c/o StormGeo Ltd.
3603 Wu Chung House
213 Queen's Road East
Wan Chai, Hong Kong - S.A.R  P.R. China
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