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2nd July

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On the evening of 2nd July more than 40 members gathered to hear Captain John Lloyd talk about the work of the NI and give his views on how the industry is likely to develop in the near future.
This was an excellent turnout considering that many members were away over the National Day holiday, and it was encouraging to see a number of cadets and
trainees in the audience.

John started with a reminder of his previous visit, which coincided with the riots in Hong Kong, and recalled how the branch managed to stage a successful AGM despite the difficulties.

He described the present state of the industry as ‘a world of opportunities and diversity’ and pointed out that shipping is fundamental to the success of humanity and is staffed by outstanding individuals.
He underlined his belief that the UN Sustainable Development Goals offer new opportunities, and stressed the work which the NI is now doing with the fishing industry.

We live in a time of rapid change, particularly in areas such as digitalisation and emission controls which will have a profound impact on future operations, and John stressed that solutions must be driven by maritime experts, not technocrats.
Realistic solutions with realistic timelines are vital, and the industry is best-placed to implement such solutions.
As an example, he cited the development of a new training curriculum for future fuels, which the NI was about to unveil.
Asking how technology can be used to enhance safety, John referred to the Ocean Project, which seeks to use equipment to service human needs at sea.
Sensible use of technology allows us to help each other to make shipping safer – we should be assisted by the technology so that we do not simply have to learn from casualties but have a better chance of preventing them.

For the younger people entering the industry, John discussed the various interesting career pathways which are opening up, and pointed out that although the Nautical Institute is a global body,
the issues can be slightly different in different regions, so the sharing of information by our
branch network is vital.
John’s words

Possibly a short time - but an amazing time for my visit to Hong Kong last week.

Stupendous support and engagement from the branch and members with a delicious curry Sunday evening; outstanding Chinese feast on Monday (thanks Pradeep), tours of VTC centre at the harbour, SAR coordination centre, the Maritime Training Services Institute and the Maritime Museum.

Superb Dim Sum lunch!

All this and a branch engagement and social event capped off a memorable visit.

My thanks to those who put so much effort into coordinating the detail and giving up your time to be amazing hosts.

Great to meet the students from MSTI and look forward to them becoming active members of the NI.
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